Networking, Praying, Informing, Encouraging and Working Together for the Kingdom

Main Speaker / Agenda Item *

15-Minute Ministry Highlight **
Oct 20 Discover the different experiences between a refugee and an asylum seeker? What are best practices in loving and serving asylees' physical and relational needs? The Last Well - Providng access to clean water for the entire nation of Liberia, border to border.
Sept Meeting rescheduled. Stay tuned for more news regarding date and location for 3rd Quarter DFW Mobilizer luncheon.  
June 2 Each year, missionary families leave the field, many for preventable reasons. What can we do to change that? Thrive Ministry provides care, resources, and community to help global [missionary] women thrive on the field—spiritually, physically, and emotionally. CEO, Lorrie Lindgren, and Development Associate, Bethany Hofmann, will share the unique needs of global women and ways you can encourage and empower the global women you know to thrive.

International Students, Inc. Befriend international students and help them adjust to American culture.

Mar 3, 2016 Encountering the World of Islam (EWI) guides you on a journey into the lives of Muslims around the world and in your neighborhood.  EWI offers a fresh biblical perspective on Muslims helping class members understand how to connect relationally with the Muslim community and how to respectfully explain our hope in Jesus Christ, while not repeating prideful errors of the past. Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL). 
Dec 3, 2015 Jonathan Phillippe Int'l Security & Crisis Manager East West Ministries Int'l  
Sept 3, 2015 We will tour World Vision (WV) disaster supply warehouse. Hear how your organization can partner with WV to respond to disasters. Also, learn about their "school tools" program and how your church/org can partner with WV in the schools where you are working/ministering.  
June 4, 2015 Jay Long serves with World Relief as the Director of Church Mobilization and will be sharing strategic engagement tools and testimonies for reaching refugee populations coming to the DFW area.  Restore Hope - Church Mobilization and Community Development and Relief
Mar 5, 2015 Dr. Mark Harlan, Director of the Abraham Center, will facilitate & debrief activities giving insight into the honor-shame worldview.  Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics. Dr. Mark Harlan and Sheri Dugan (EA) will highlight the new MA in Abrahamic Studies,  Islamic Worldviews and Arts & Islam programs, and the graduate certificate in Islamic Studies.
Dec 4 Alexsa (e3 Partners), will give us a first-hand report re: the Syrian refugee crisis following her ministry among them during the month of October. Join us to hear their stories and Alexsa's recommendations re: how the church can respond.

Derek, co-leader of Lm2, a ministry among immigrants in 45 cities in Europe and founder of The Chase, a collaborative initiatives and partnerships with other ministries, like the Syrian Circle, accelerating Kingdom expansion, specifically among unreached peoples. 

Nov 6 How can church/mission leaders encourage and support their ministry partners who are currently working in ebola affected areas? How can we lead the way as peacemakers in our own churches and communities as we encounter people who have traveled to/from ebola affected areas of the world? Please join us as we hear from Dr. Manny Fernandez, President of World Link Ministries Int'l, who recently returned from Liberia (more than 21 days ago!).

Rob Johnson, USA National Director Pais Project

Oct 2 UPG Panel. Several churches will be sharing more about the process they went through in choosing a UPG focus, their experiences in developing a ministry plan, and how God has worked to bring Himself worship from the tongues, tribes and nations represented by their UPG focus Mary Rangel is an Arabic teacher/tutor for people/agencies who want training in Arabic before going to the Middle East Arabic speaking world (or who are working among Arabic speakers here).
Sept 4 Pastor Jalil Dawood will share news about tthe Persecuted Church and the church in Iraq Nick Noorazd will be sharing about a ministry in Afghanistan
Aug 6 Isachar Summit vision luncheon  
  Summer break  
Apr 3 Brenda Kirk from the Evangelical Immigration Table David Nelms - The Timothy Initiative
Mar 6

Katie Hoogerheide, Associate Dean of Students at GIAL (Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics), will introduce the B.A. in International Service* beginning this fall. 

Come prepared to brainstorm and pray about how this program may impact Dallas and the rest of the Kingdom.

Brian Considine, Author of EthnicEmbraceUSA.
Feb 13 Nancy works in Europe with immigrant ethnic groups. She will be sharing about reaching out to the Musl who lives in your neighborhood, as well as, about networking and sharing resources with others who are ministering to Musl in the DFW area  
Jan 2, 2014 No meeting in January  




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We meet on the 1st Thursday of March, June, September and December from Noon until 1:30 pm

Lunch served - $5.00 per person and you are welcome to join us - RSVP to with "RSVP-DFW MOB" in the subject line.

Next Meeting: Thursday, Oct 20 at Irving Bible Church (West D)

*Main Agenda:
This time is used for encouraging/mobilizing/equipping. If the stories/ideas/instruction that you have to share can be applied to/contextualized for other contexts (cultures/groups/churches/agencies, etc...) so that attendees can leave better equipped to cross cultures/mobilize others with what they have learned from you then you may be invited to share for 30  minutes and encouraged to hang around after the meeting for Q & A from the audience.

**Ministry Highlight:
This time is used for highlighting your ministry in order to raise awareness/resources. You may be invited to share for 10 minutes and encouraged to hang around after the meeting for Q & A from the audience.

While we welcome one time guests to share with the group, if you live/work in the DFW area we encourage you to attend the network meetings and join the YahooGroup. Your active participation in the network will maximize the impact of information shared with the group as you will have already developed trust through relationship.

*The DFW Mobilizers network does not pay honorariums to those who share with the group. We have many requests for opportunities to speak at the network meetings and welcome all inquiries. If you would like to suggest a speaker, please contact us at


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